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Base card deck – Random events cards ENGLISH

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Deck of random events cards to include in your role-playing adventures, basic intitative pack.

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In a burst of curiosity, he confidently clicked on the game. As he looked at the images and read the text, he thought to himself, « Well, this is a funny way to present a game, » and a gentle smirk appeared on his face. At that moment, he had no idea it was the divine will who placed this little box in his path, and the hold such a small object would take on him. Would he have the necessary audacity to resist it?

Whether you are a beginner or experienced game master, or a player who has never experienced role-playing games, this deck of cards will meet your needs. Whether you want to add a touch of challenge, randomness, and creativity to your scenarios, make the course of your campaigns more unpredictable, or simply want to initiate yourself easily and quickly into role-playing games, these event cards will meet your expectations! This base deck, consisting of 50 random Events cards, will allow your Game Master to draw cards that will bring about incidents that are as entertaining as they are dangerous. Your game sessions will therefore lead your group of players into extraordinary circumstances!


Compatible with all types of fantasy tabletop role-playing games!

Composed of a delightful mix of pop culture references of all kinds and a slight and friendly touch of humor.

Includes a complete Discovery Mode to easily and quickly initiate new players into role-playing games!


Contents: 18 encounter cards, 12 situation cards, 12 object cards, 8 environment cards, 1 game master sheet, 12 simplified character sheets, 1 instructions booklet, and 1 20-sided die.

The Game Master’s sheet included in the game is an addition that will make the events even more captivating. It contains additional information about each card that only the Game Master has access to. This information will be added as the event unfolds by the Game Master, making the events more unpredictable for the players.

This base deck is a mixture of all types of events contained in the thematic decks that will be coming soon!


*Available on order only. Allow up to 2 additional weeks before shipping for production.*

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