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The origins

Operating since 2023, Mind Realms was founded and designed by Jimmy Boivin. This company specializes in the field of board games, more specifically role-playing games. It aims to offer innovative products never before seen in this sphere of entertainment.

Having studied in various fields before launching his business, the entrepreneurial spirit has always occupied an important place in Mr. Boivin’s interests. It was through his passion for pop culture, different fantasy universes, and role-playing games that he had an idea a long time ago. An idea that he kept in mind for many years before deciding to develop it. This idea involves providing players of role-playing games, as well as their game master, with the opportunity to include multiple situations and random events in their adventures.

It was during a conversation with a friend at the beginning of 2022 about this idea that Mr. Boivin was convinced to embark on this great adventure. Guided by his passion and with overflowing creativity, he makes every effort to offer a product in his own image, composed of a strangely pleasant mixture of fantasy and humor.

Our mission

To offer tools that simplify, speed up, and make the design of role-playing games more affordable for new players, while making their adventures richer and more enjoyable, and adding an additional challenge for more experienced players. Our goal is to make the pleasure of escaping into a created universe accessible to everyone, in a simple and intuitive way. The design of our games is carefully thought out to be both easy to approach and enjoyable, whether you are a person with no knowledge of role-playing games or an experienced player.

What differences us

In addition to offering innovative products never seen before in the role-playing games market, Mr. Boivin also has solid experience in this field. Not only has he been a loyal customer of these types of products for many years, but he has also worked as an advisor in a game store for three years, allowing him to observe the various aspects necessary and appreciated by players for the development of a game.

With this experience gained on both sides of the table, he is able to offer the best to his customers, fully understanding their expectations and requirements in terms of role-playing games, while successfully designing new products for them.

Our products

The base deck, now available, is the first product created by Mind Realms with the aim of making role-playing games discovery simpler, more accessible, and affordable to the general public through random event cards. Players are encouraged to be guided by the decisions they make in response to these events to shape the course of their adventure.

Of course, these events can also be included in the adventures of more experienced players, as challenges, in order to enhance their variety.

The term “first pack” implies the arrival of new packs in the near future. At Mind Realms, ideas abound to bring freshness to the world of role-playing games. Many projects are already in development within the company, so stay tuned!